Shifts & Scheduling

Creating shifts

When you first begin using the system, there will be no shifts set up yet. You can create one on the dashboard, with the “add a shift” button.

Pick the start/end time and shift type (these can be customized in Campaign Settings). A location is optional -- for example, online/remote events will not have locations.

Marking the shift as a “private event” will prevent it from showing up in any public listings, so only campaign staff can assign volunteers. This is useful for volunteer shifts that require special training, or that you don’t want just anyone to sign up for. There is also a box to enter a description for the shift, which is used on public listings.

Any other instructions/notes you enter under “RSVP Notes” will be emailed to volunteers in the signup thank-you email, as well as the automatic confirmation notices. This is often used for zoom links, special instructions, etc.

If you ever need to change any of this information after creating a shift, hover your mouse over the shift on the main page and an “edit shift” link will appear.

Scheduling volunteers

Once a shift has been created, you can then start scheduling volunteers. The easiest way is to use the “add a volunteer” link on the shift.

This will display a pop-up window where you can choose the volunteer -- just start typing the volunteer’s name, and a dropdown should appear with all matching volunteers. If it is a new volunteer who isn’t in the system yet, the last item in the dropdown will let you add them.

You also have the option to send an automatic confirmation email to the volunteer.

Confirming volunteers

Initially, volunteers are listed as “scheduled” (aka unconfirmed). On the main screen, when you click on a volunteer’s name you have the option of changing this to “confirmed” or “cancelled”.

Unconfirmed volunteers show up with a calendar icon () beside their names, while confirmed volunteers have a checkmark (). Cancelled volunteers show in grey with a strikethrough, similar to the flipchart papers you may be used to in a campaign office.

This helps you keep track of your volunteers, and also affects the automatic reminders and call lists the system generates.

Lastly, for today’s shifts only, you may notice an additional option when clicking on a volunteer’s name: a shift outcome, to track whether the volunteer completed the shift or didn’t show up. Tracking shift outcomes is optional, as it doesn’t affect anything in the system -- it is just for your records.

If you want to go back to past shifts, to retroactively enter volunteers (or their complete / no-show status), you can use the “past shifts” link under the calendar in the right-hand column.