Admin/Campaign Settings

Basic Campaign Settings

Manage your basic campaign settings on this tab.

Email/SMS Messages

Customize your Email/SMS confirmation, reminder, and rescheduling messages here.

  • RSVP thank-you: is the email automatically sent after someone RSVP's for a shift on your public page or is marked by a campaign staff as scheduled.
  • Shift reminders: is the email and/or text message automatically sent to volunteers 24-hours before each confirmed shift.
  • Rescheduling prompts: is the email and/or text message automatically sent to a volunteer who has completed their shift and has no future shifts scheduled, reminding them to sign up for their next shift.

Shift Types

Manage your shift types here. The default shift types created include:

  • Canvass
  • Data Entry
  • Phone Bank
  • Sign Crew


Manage the tags you would like campaign staff to be able to tag volunteers with.

Campaign Users

Add campaign staff who need access to the Campaign Dashboard here. There are no granular permission sets at this time; only user (has access to everything except Campaign Settings) and administrator.