Managing Volunteers

Finding a volunteer

The easiest way to find a volunteer is to use the search bar at the top.

Once you start typing in a volunteer’s name, a dropdown will appear with suggestions. You can also use the “Volunteer list” menu item to see all volunteers in the system (and to filter by volunteer status/type/tags), as well as to add new volunteers.

Volunteer profile

Once you click on a volunteer’s name, you will be taken to a page with more information on them, as well as a record of all past interactions with them.

At the top of the page, you’ll see the volunteer’s contact information, as well as any tags for the volunteer. You can also add/remove tags here. Under the tags, there is a list of shift types that this person has volunteered for in the past.

You can also see a list of past & upcoming volunteer shifts, with the ability to add/confirm/cancel shifts as well.

On the right-hand side, there is a list of all past interactions with the volunteer. Automatic notices from the system are shown with a little robot icon ().

You can also add notes and follow-ups to the volunteer in this area: this could be a note about their skills/interests, a reminder to debrief after a particularly difficult shift, or anything else. These notes are visible to all campaign staff, but are not visible to the volunteer (unless, of course, they are also a volunteer manager).

To schedule a follow-up reminder, add a note and make sure to check the “follow-up required” box. Follow-up notes are displayed with a little flag () and follow-up reminder; they are also added to the system-wide follow-up list. You can clear the reminder by clicking on the flag, and checking the “close follow-up” box along with a note.

Volunteer status

There are five different types of volunteers:

  • Prospect
    A volunteer prospect has not specifically offered to volunteer, but they are considered a likely volunteer. This could mean they have volunteered in past campaigns, they are a donor, or some other strong supporter.

    This system has a specific workflow for efficiently calling through prospects. Once a prospect is scheduled for their first shift, they are automatically changed to a new signup.


  • New signup
    A new signup has offered to volunteer (typically by signing up on the website), but has not actually shown up for a shift. New signups are displayed along with other follow-ups so your campaign can check in with them, assess their interests and skill level, and do any necessary training.

    Once a new signup completes a shift, they are automatically advanced to “Active”.


  • Active
    Most volunteers in your campaign will be active volunteers. These are people who are regularly showing up for volunteer shifts.


  • On Hold
    This status can be used for volunteers who may be out of town or on vacation, or otherwise temporarily unavailable. They will not receive automatic reminders or notices from the system while in the “on hold” status.


  • Declined
    If a prospect is not interested in volunteering, or an active volunteer is no longer available, you can set them to declined. Declined volunteers will not receive automatic reminders or notices from the system, and do not show up in the “add volunteer” listings. They are effectively deleted from the system.

You can also change a volunteer’s status at any time by editing the volunteer’s profile.

Preferred contact method

You can set a volunteer’s preferred contact method, as a hint to the system (and to other campaign staff).

Hostile and do-not-contact

On a volunteer’s profile, you can also mark them as hostile / do-not-contact. Setting this automatically removes them from any call lists and follow-up lists, sets their status as declined, and flags their profile to warn other campaign staff. It is helpful (but not required) to include a contact note with an explanation.